Pedagogical Background that Underpins Enterprise in the Community

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The Enterprise in the Community program, designed for NSW Education, focuses on 3 life skills that are the foundational skills essential for young people

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Analytical Thinking
  3. Creativity

The life-skills map below guides the pedagogical thinking that informs program design. The precise content and delivery format varies based on the age of the program cohort.

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Key Objectives & Outcomes

  • students gain an understanding of real-life business issues directly from business owners
  • business owners develop connections with potential future employees
  • students are exposed to analytical thinking, problem-solving techniques and creative thinking
  • students gain valuable presentation skills
  • business owners may uncover innovative solutions that they consider providing funding for
  • post-program pathways for students include:

1. working the business,

2. further education with SEVENmile Venture Lab,

3. working on school projects

Enterprise in the Community Program Format

2 hours per week for 8 weeks plus some assignment work

Week 1: kick-off

Week 2: clarify and validate the business problem

Week 3: visit to the business premises (where feasible) or Zoom meeting

Week 4: confirmation of the problem to be solved

Week 5: design thinking and ideation

Week 6: solution design

Week 7: finalize presentation and rehearsals

Week 8: final presentation

Pictured above are the business owners who participated and generously gave their time. From left to right: Adam Fazzani (GoTradie), Jonas Bengtsson (EDGE Environment), Tim Watson (EDGE Environment), Mitchell Filby (SEVENmile Director), Julija McDowell (TinkerTank), Greg Twemlow (SEVENmile Director), Dragan McDowell (TinkerTank), Matt Clarke (ImeasureU)

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Organizing Tasks for an 8 Week Program

1. identify a project manager within the school

2. confirm calendar schedule in school timetable

3. identify the number of students who will participate

4. research potential local businesses based on the number of students

5. confirm business owners and provide a briefing of their role

6. ensure suitable rooms are booked based on student numbers

7. decide whether video/photo content will be needed and by who

8. communicate the entire plan with stakeholders and external parties

St Pauls Catholic College Principal, Chris Browne, said, "The conclusion to our 8-week program with 21 selected Year 9/10 Commerce students at St Pauls on 18th November was a memorable occasion with a wonderful series of presentations in The Waterford Hall with employer-mentors present along with SEVENmile Venture Lab, our enterprise coaches. The 4 groups of boys took up a problem and through diligent research and creative thinking came up with potential solutions to their issues; entrepreneurship in action.

I was struck by how professional our boys were and the depth of their insight. We need to be doing more of this in education. We also had present for the first time at a College gathering, Ms Zali Steggall, our local Member of Parliament who also addressed the gathering. We look forward to her return to the College in 2021.

Thanks to Ms Karen Shawcross who carried forward the management of this from the College side each week supporting all. I’d also like to thank our Seven Mile partners Greg Twemlow and Mitchell Filby, our employer mentors Adam Fazzani, Matt Clarke, Julija McDowell, Tim

Watson and Jonas Bengtsson as well as Phil Cox and Melanie de Wild - Timmerman who brought this to our attention as part of a broader strategy of brokering learning pathways for all our boys."