• SEVENmile's education innovation transforms a formula-based process designed for the average student into an individualized assessment, with motivation and success measurements tailored for every participant.

    We prepare students to become workforce-ready graduates or next-generation innovators. Your skillful, confident mindset exposes opportunities, ignites ambition, and fosters the attitudes and skills that guide everyone to succeed.

    The programs are designed for people as young as ten right through to folks in their 70s.

    • Junior school students discover their capacity for creativity and innovation.
    • High school students learn by being introduced to the real business world.
    • Mature workers who've been retrenched realize a complete refresh of their skills.
    • Moms returning to work rebuild their confidence and rediscover their Agency.


    Our pedagogical platform powers group learning that combines active problem-solving & real-time teamwork.
    Hands-on practice: People learn best by doing. We solve problems, create outputs, and share constructive feedback.
    Real-time collaboration: Solo modules are boring. We learn in teams to make it engaging and insightful.
    Tangible skills + impact: We target practical skills, mindsets, and behaviors to drive change—fast.
    Fun team bonding: Interpersonal relationships matter. We deepen connections through meaningful collaboration.
    At will + on budget: Train any skill anytime, at any scale. Live learning has never been so easy and affordable.
    Easy implementation: Integration is hassle-free. We can work standalone or alongside any curriculum.

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