• Media Coverage and Press Releases

    James Griffin MP Media Release SEVENmile Ltd schools program

    MANLY, Australia, June 22nd, 2021

    Member for Manly, James Griffin has thrown his support behind a project providing students with ‘real life’ challenges faced by local businesses and then finding solutions. The collaborative project between SEVENmile Ltd, the Department of Education, St Paul’s Catholic College and local participating businesses involved Year 9 and 10 students at Manly’s St Paul’s Catholic College. The 8 week program (14 hours) is designed by the SEVENmile Venture Lab to expose students to problem solving techniques; gain valuable presentation skills; and develop connections with local industry.

    SEVENmile Ltd simple logo

    How to Diversify Local Economies and Boost COVID-stressed SMEs

    MANLY, Australia, July 6, 2020

    Sydney's northern beaches has been the location for a bold experiment in community-based entrepreneurship since late 2018 when not-for-profit, SEVENmile Venture Lab, was officially launched. SEVENmile Venture Lab is bringing new ideas and models, that are key to economic growth and resilience, to local communities. Read more

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    May Sponsor News - Leverage SEVENmiles' Trusted Partners

    MANLY, Australia, May 21, 2020

    Leverage SEVENmiles' Trusted Partners. Now is the time to get your business into great shape to burst out of the post-COVID gates. Start working now on how your business transitions as the pandemic is controlled. One-on-one advice, mentorship, coaching and post-COVID growth planning together with SEVENmile mentors and our trusted professional services partners listed below. - read more

    SEVENmile Venture Lab article in Daily Telegraph

    The 12 tech start-ups transforming the northern beaches

    MANLY, Australia, March 5, 2020


    Greg Twemlow, founder of the not-for-profit SEVENmile Venture Lab which supports start-ups on the peninsula, said he believes the long term success of Silicon Valley was essentially matching smart, innovative entrepreneurs with the capital they needed to realize their potential. Now he wants to replicate that formula on the beaches with the launch of Northern Beaches Angels. Read more......

    launch of northern beaches angels

    MANLY, Australia, February 28, 2020

    SEVENmile Venture Lab founder, Greg Twemlow, believes the long term success of Silicon Valley was essentially matching smart, innovative entrepreneurs with the capital they need to realize their potential. Brains + capital = economic growth.

    Brazilian Migrants Workshop

    MANLY, Australia, August 19, 2019

    SEVENmile Venture Lab has been working with the migrant community on the northern beaches since late June. This work has been so incredibly rewarding for all involved. Here's a short video produced by the brilliant Catalin Anastase from Lunar Media TV of our workshop with the Brazilian community a few weeks ago. Watch and tell me what you think. So many happy faces and such amazing stories.

    Playbook for Founder Sales by Greg Twemlow

    MANLY, Australia, June 25, 2019


    Startup Sales Playbook - a guide for B2B startup sales:

    The reality is that founders need to master sales. They need to live and breath the entire sales process. They need to personally hear the prospect who says, “No thanks” and understand why. Founders need to put the commercial proposition on the table and hear the objections. Finally, founders need to close the sale.

    Australian Venture Consortium logo by Greg Twemlow

    MANLY, Australia, June 24, 2019

    It’s time that regional innovation had a much stronger, cohesive and influential voice. The Australian Venture Consortium has been formed to act as that voice, delivering a consistent and compelling narrative on behalf of the regional and suburban innovation industry.

    ACNC Certificate for SEVENmile Ltd

    Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission

    MANLY, Australia, May 7, 2019

    SEVENmile Ltd Directors are delighted to confirm that the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission has certified the charitable status of the company.

    SEVENmile Venture Lab simple logo

    SYDNEY, March 6, 2019 (Newswire.com)

    Conclusive research by Startup Australia confirms how important startups and new ventures are to ensure economies remain resilient. The report is highly relevant for the northern beaches region of Sydney with its 270,000 residents and an economy generating a GDP of $20bn.


    SEVENmile Venture Lab simple logo

    MANLY, Australia, November 30, 2018 (Newswire.com)

    "SEVENmile Venture Lab is filling a void on Sydney's Northern Beaches by providing the 270,000 people who live in the area an avenue for entrepreneurs of all ages to validate that their innovative and disruptive ideas have social and commercial potential."


    Video of our launch event

    MANLY, Australia, November 28, 2018

    Jessi Roullier is Director/Producer with in-depth experience in film and music production and she created this video of our event to celebrate the incorporation of SEVENmile Ltd.

  • Startup Showcase

    Listed in alphabetical order

    BizForce is supercharging business communities

    Find out more about how the BizForce platform is supercharging business communities globally.

    BizForce Connect allows business communities to digitise their ecosystem (using a branded version of BizForce). Their members are able to form and strengthen partnerships digitally, whilst they’re able to leverage deep data-driven insights to better curate community interactions and collaboration.


    Founder: Sivan Attad - sivan@bizforce.io

    Cache builds and operates investment products for partners

    Cache builds and operates investment products for partners quickly and cost effectively.

    Launching investment products is slow, risky and expensive. Most investment products cost over $1 million and take over 12 months to get into market. Many don’t make it into market at all! Companies need a partner to help launch investment products efficiently. Create customer accounts, submit investment instructions and check account balances via our secure API (perfect for an app or website). Products are tailored to include preferred features, fee structure or investment strategy. Listen to Caleb talk about his startup journey on EntrepreneursTransform Podcast.


    Founder: Caleb Gibbins - caleb.gibbins@cacheinvest.com.au

    edged-VR uses 360° immersive content for customer engagement

    Accelerate your business with innovative technology to reach, engage and excite your customers.

    We use multimedia and 360° images to create virtual and immersive content that can be viewed either in a VR headset or directly on your website. This is new and emerging technology that all businesses can be part of, by enabling customers to experience their products in a unique and immersive way. We are also working with schools to upskill students in this technology, with our VRCreate course, as project directed learning.


    Founder: Rosanna Cotino - rosanna@edgedvr.com.au

    A network of on-demand smart lockers - YellowBox

    Leverage data to transform the way you find, source and track the impact of sustainable and social spending.

    Spend with impact - givvable is a data-driven technology platform that captures the sustainable and social credentials of suppliers and maps them to widely used sustainability reporting frameworks. Businesses can now spend in a way that aligns with their goals, and easily track and communicate their progress to stakeholders. For suppliers, givvable increases their visibility to business buyers on aligned objectives. Listen to Frances talk about her startup journey on EntrepreneursTransform Podcast.


    Founder: Frances Atkins - frances@givvable.com

    Real Tradies. Real Time. Connect with local, licensed Tradies instantly.

    Did you know, the home renovation industry in Australia is worth a massive $78B. With the 9 million Ozzie households being serviced by well over a million
    small, family run, licensed Trade businesses. However, these businesses often run by sole operators who are increasingly doing it tough with the average Tradie losing $127K per year, trying to balance a number of competing priorities. GoTradie is a new mobile and web platform, connecting local licensed Tradies and trade suppliers with those seeking their services on-demand. Enabling licensed Tradies to…
     Find work and advertise their service

     Do Admin; Quote, schedule and invoice

     And Get paid!!

    All in a single, super easy to use mobile app!


    Listen to Adam talk about his startup journey on EntrepreneursTransform Podcast.


    Founder: Adam Fazanni - adam.fazzani@gotradie.com.au

    ihealthDesk is a multicultural, with a passion for closing the global inequality gape

    ihealthDesk is a multicultural, multinational start-up with a passion for closing the global inequality gap.


    ihealthDesk start-up is a multicultural, multinational start-up with a passion for closing the global inequality gap in digital Mental health services. Our aim is to create a mentally healthier world for all cultures and languages.
    IhealthDesk has evolved as a response to a real need to high quality digital mental health among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities, in Australia or other parts of the world. We collaborate with reputable Australian institutions in development of our programs. Our first program has been developed in collaboration with University of Newcastle, targeting Farsi speakers across the globe. We surrounded ourselves with passionate and expert people from a variety of culture and language backgrounds.


    Founder: Dr Abbas haghshenas MD, PhD, FACRRM, Cer(MH) ihealthdeskproject@gmail.com

    Australia's most eco-friendly period products freely to your staff, students or guests

    Australia’s most eco-friendly period products. Good for people. Good for business.


    Increase equality and productivity at work by providing your female staff with all their basic hygiene needs. Pixii works with your office, school or other venue to provide Australia's most eco-friendly period products freely to your staff, students or guests. Sanitary items are a necessity, not a luxury. Give women what they need for a better employee experience, less absenteeism and greater support and equality.


    Founders: Nina and Dean Tavener 

    Ready to be headhunted? What's your next dream role? Enter the next step in your career.

    We're a beaches-born talent matching platform where candidates nominate the next step in their careers, and employers headhunt them. There's no job board, no application process - candidates just privately nominate the next step in their careers and our intelligent platform matches them with employers who have the perfectly suited role available. For employers, we provide a different option between doing it yourself with job ads, or having recruiters do the search for you. Pursuited is the quickest, most insightful way to reach candidates who have pre-nominated that they would be interested in a company like yours, in a role like you have. It's the fastest way to get from need to interview. Listen to Alex talk about his startup journey on EntrepreneursTransform Podcast.


    Founder: Alex Lofts - alex@pursuited.com

    Bring your ideas and your passion for a sustainable Australia to the ReadyFundGo community today.


    ReadyFundGo is an online platform that brings together innovators and people who are passionate about making a difference. Do you know that I in 3 Australians are passionate about sustainability? About a future where we ensure future generations aren't disadvantaged. Millions of Aussies understand the need for urgency but feel frustrated because they don’t know how they can make a difference. Fantastic innovators actively working on solutions for a sustainable future need guidance on their idea. They need volunteers to test their ideas, they need co-founders and teams and, most importantly, they need funding.


    Founder: Jill Storey - jill.s@readyfundgo.com

    The Tawny Frogmouth monthly color magazine

    Liam Carroll is bringing back the print with “The Tawny Frogmouth”, a free monthly magazine.

    The Tawny is delivered to 47,500 homes from Manly to North Narrabeen, and 2,500 cafes, libraries and public places the length of the Northern Beaches. Written with heartfelt Australian irreverence. Each edition features a unique cover artwork created by a local artist, accompanied by a one page interview inside the magazine to fully showcase the individual behind the talent. Created in reaction to The Manly Daily’s decision in June 2020 to abandon their 114 year old print publication and embrace digital paywalls, The Tawny Frogmouth is devoted to the timeless art of utilising print to create a truly authentic local platform for telling inspiring local stories. Listen to Liam talk about his project on the Entrepreneurs Transform Podcast. Print is dead! Long live print!

    Founder: Liam Carroll - liam@thetawnyfrogmouth.com.au

    A network of on-demand smart lockers - YellowBox

    A network of on-demand smart lockers. The hands-off storage solution that people just get.

    Yellowbox is a prop-tech start-up digitising spaces whether it's a public beach or in a private office. With their smart-locker technology yellowbox are bringing everyday spaces into the future, allowing for on-demand convenience in public spaces and enabling the flexible workplaces of the future. Yellowbox bridge the gap between the physical world and the technological one with their mobile app which people open their lockers through. Like every good tech company, yellowbox tops their offering off with an incredibly intuitive and data-filled analytics dashboard and integrations for property managers to keep track of how people engage with yellowbox technology.


    Founder: Adrian Brossard - adrian@yellowbox.app

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