• Our Story

    Important: SEVENmile Ltd ceased trading on June 30, 2024. During the almost six years since we incorporated, we greatly impacted our region of Sydney and the 1500 year 9-11 students who attended our skills development workshops.


    The SEVENmile Board made the difficult decision to close the company, given a dearth of grant funding, minimal financial support from local, state, and federal governments, and the cancellation of funding from the NSW Department of Education for our high school program. We are grateful for the support we have received from all our stakeholders and for the pro bono support of Michael Zhu and his company, Corporate Advantage.


    We extend our heartfelt thanks to the generous people who have served as Directors of SEVENmile, especially the SEVENmile Board, for their commitment and service to the company.


    Greg Twemlow and Mitchell Filby designed the programs that SEVENmile delivered. The programs are proven and remain relevant, particularly since they were redesigned in 2023 to incorporate AI. Greg and Mitchell can deliver the programs through their joint business, Future Skills Studio.


    SEVENmile Ltd has closed its operations without outstanding financial commitments, ensuring a clean and responsible closure.


    Mitchell Filby, Rob Forsyth, and Greg Twemlow - Manly, Australia - July 17, 2024





    SEVENmile Ltd was formed on November 28, 2018 as a Not-For-Profit. It was created to formalize an idea Greg Twemlow floated in late July 2018 - here's the LinkedIn Post The name referenced in the Post was "Manly Innovation Hub."


    Impact Statement:

    SEVENmile is dynamically evolving, extending our successful experiential learning program to embrace not only young people aged 15-25 years but also to include young First Nations individuals specifically. Our proven four-year program is being thoughtfully redesigned to resonate with and empower First Nations youth, ensuring cultural sensitivity and inclusivity while maintaining our broad commitment to young adults from all backgrounds.



    Rooted in values of integrity, mutual respect, low egos, and empathy, SEVENmile’s philosophy is anchored in the belief that empowering young minds is key to community success. We are dedicated to expanding this empowerment to First Nations youth, integrating their unique cultural perspectives and needs into our foundational belief that young entrepreneurs and innovators are vital to societal progress.



    Our mission is now dual-focused: to continue fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among young people aged 15-25 years, while also tailoring our approach to meet the specific needs of young First Nations people. Through business coaching, mentorship, and experiential learning, we aim to nurture all our participants' personal and professional growth.



    SEVENmile envisions a community where the general youth and First Nations youth thrive equally. Our vision is to build a supportive and resilient environment that offers tailored opportunities for each group, nurturing their entrepreneurial spirits and contributing to a diverse and robust local economy.


    Brand Promise:

    SEVENmile remains steadfast in our commitment to guiding the success of all young people, providing clarity, strategy, and growth support. As we expand our program to include First Nations youth, our promise is to respect, uplift, and amplify the unique talents and voices of every participant in our program.

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    Backstory of our name

    Why SEVENmile?

    The name SEVENmile derives from the Port Jackson & Manly Steamship Co. marketing campaign from 1920:


    "Visit Manly, seven miles from Sydney and a thousand miles from care"

    SEVENmile Venture Lab was born in Manly

    We were born in Manly

    Manly village, framed by Sydney harbor and the Pacific ocean

    Pictured left, Manly, sits at the southern end of the northern beaches region of Sydney. A region of 270,000 people with a GDP of $17bn.

    SEVENmile Ltd logo icons

    The Colors We Use

    The sea and our aboriginal ancestors

    The SEVENmile color palette:


    Orange Ochre* is the accent color, meant to be used in secondary titles, Calls to Action, buttons on websites or apps.


    Sea Green is the main color of SEVENmile and should be used in titles, highlights, backgrounds. Sea green is the color of our Pacific Ocean.


    Kai’ymay were the Aboriginal clan of Manly Cove. Their art consisted of various paint colors like yellow (representing the sun), brown (the soil), ochre (desert sand) and white (the clouds and the sky). These are traditional Aboriginal colors and were used by Kai’ymay for thousands of years prior to 1788 when Captain Phillip and the First Fleet arrived in Manly Cove.

  • Directors

    SEVENmile Ltd Directors are volunteers and are not remunerated. Click the names to view their LinkedIn profile.

    Mitchell Filby


    appointed 28-Nov-2018

    Rob Forsyth

    Director - Chair

    appointed 20-Jan-2021

     Greg Twemlow, Founder SEVENmile Ltd

    Director - CEO

    appointed 28-Nov-2018

  • SEVENmile Corporate Documents

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    Certificate of Registration

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    Constitution of SEVENmile Ltd

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    Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission

    SEVENmile Ltd Public Liability Certificate of Currency

    Public Liability Certificate of Currency