AI Unpacked: An Introductory Playbook© - Per Person

AI Unpacked: An Introductory Playbook© - Per Person

The first in a series of three webinars is designed to help you learn to craft effective prompts for AI interactions, particularly with advanced language models like GPT-4. A well-crafted prompt leads to more accurate and relevant AI responses, enhancing your experience and productivity. The webinar is designed for up to ten people from corporate teams or individuals. There are three webinars. Once you purchase we'll ask which webinar you will attend.

Webinars are held every second Wednesday at 12noon commencing February 7th, 2024.

Webinar 1: AI Unpacked: An Introductory Playbook©
Focus: Basic understanding of AI, its capabilities, and general applications.

Webinar 2: AI Unpacked: Crafting with Context Playbook©
Focus: Delve into the importance of context in AI interactions. This session can explore how context influences AI responses and the nuances of using AI in different scenarios.

Webinar 3: AI Unpacked: AI Mastery Playbook©
Focus: Advanced techniques in prompt design and strategic applications of AI. This final session equips attendees with the skills to effectively utilize AI in their professional contexts.
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