“Future Skills - First Nations©”: A Landmark Initiative for Indigenous Empowerment

"Future Skills - First Nations©" is Copyright of SEVENmile Ltd.

SEVENmile Ltd Announces Plans for “Future Skills - First Nations©”: A Landmark Initiative for Indigenous Empowerment


Date: June 21, 2023

Sydney, Australia: As a Co-Founder of SEVENmile Ltd, I am immensely proud to announce the launch of a transformative new division, “Future Skills - First Nations©.” "Future Skills - First Nations©" is Copyright of SEVENmile Ltd.

At SEVENmile, we recognize the importance of empowering all members of society to reach their full potential. The “Future Skills - First Nations©” division embodies our commitment to supporting Australia’s First Nations people through targeted education, skills development, and employment opportunities.

With a vision to foster self-reliance, cultural preservation, and community well-being, “Future Skills - First Nations©” will offer a suite of programs tailored to the unique needs of Indigenous Australians. These programs include vocational training, mentorship, career counseling, and entrepreneurial education.

As a company, we believe in the power of collaboration and inclusivity. With this in mind, “Future Skills - First Nations©” will work closely with Indigenous leaders, community organizations, and government bodies to create culturally respectful and effective programs to meet First Nations peoples' aspirations.

Co-Founder of SEVENMile Ltd, Mitchell Filby said, "I want to emphasize that this initiative is not just about skills development; it is about creating pathways to a brighter future for Indigenous Australians. It reflects our deep respect for the rich heritage of First Nations cultures and our commitment to supporting First Nations people in forging a path that honors their traditions and values."

“Future Skills - First Nations©” is a testament to what can be achieved when we join hands for the greater good. We invite corporations, educational institutions, government agencies, and individuals to collaborate with us as we embark on this remarkable journey to make a lasting impact on the lives of Australia’s First Nations people.

For more information or to explore partnership opportunities, please see contact information below.

About SEVENmile:

SEVENmile is dynamically evolving, extending our successful experiential learning program to embrace not only young people aged 15-25 years but also to include young First Nations individuals specifically. Our proven four-year program is being thoughtfully redesigned to resonate with and empower First Nations youth, ensuring cultural sensitivity and inclusivity while maintaining our broad commitment to young adults from all backgrounds.


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