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SEVENmile Venture Lab Life-Skills Schema*

© Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved.

SEVENmile Venture Lab Life-Skills Schema Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved

The Life-Skills Schema is derived from SEVENmile's work with people of all ages. These essential Life-Skills can be taught on a mix-and-match, by row, column or an individual skill basis or as 3 distinct workshop programs.

The three rows, Consciously Exploring, Realising Goals, and Influencing Effectively, equip people with the full range of skills needed for success in the 21st century.

Contact SEVENmile for further information or call Greg Twemlow, +61 412 555 416.

* schema - [ skee-muh ]

noun, plural sche·ma·ta [skee-muh-tuh or, sometimes, skee-mah-tuh, ski-], sche·mas.

~ a diagram, plan, or scheme.
~ an underlying organizational pattern or structure; conceptual framework:
~ a schema provides the basis by which someone relates to the events he or she experiences.
(in Kantian epistemology) a concept, similar to a universal but limited to phenomenal knowledge, by which an object of knowledge or an idea of pure reason may be apprehended.

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